One off repair Cleaning & clearing out debris Complete or part system replacement Annual maintenance program Rainwater harvesting If this is what you are looking for, then Profix can help!


    Profix Guttering is committed to providing the best service possible. In order to put our customers priorities first.

    Dear Homeowner,
    Profix Guttering is your local, family-run roofing company specialising in high quality traditional and modern roof coverings. With over 18 years experience in the industry we have built up a great reputation as a High Quality, Reliable and Affordable ‘One Stop’ Solutions.
    Our team of highly skilled tradesmen have been with the company for over 10 years and often participate in intense training courses and development schemes to ensure that the quality of our work is second to none. It is company policy NOT to employ sub-contractors and by doing this well can ourselves be assured that your work will be completed by very competent tradesmen.
    We do not use salesmen, just tradesmen. We guarantee to beat any written quotation and as a company policy we do not take deposits. You pay when you are satisfied with the work!.
    All of our work and installations comes with a minimum of a 10 year guarantee. In some case we are able to increase our guarantee to 15 or 20 years but this depends on the product or service you undertake with us. If you have any questions or would like to confirm anything relating to our guarantees please contact us and we will be happy to answer all of your questions.
    If you buy from us there will never be any nasty surprises. When we give you a quotation, it’s a firm-fixed-price and we stick to it. We also guarantee to beat any other written quotation you receive.

  • Latest Installations

    PROFIX stands out from the competition due to personal self satisfaction of excellent quality and personal service we provide.

    Whatever your roofline needs our professional team at PROFIX will be able to assist you. PROFIX prides itself on its fast high quality service for an unbeatable price.


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  • What Do you Get When Using Our Gutter Replacement Services?

    What we want is to provide all of our customers with a first-class experience. Also, choose from our comprehensive range of services designed to help you. We’ll put together a customised package created especially for you, and then give you fantastic discounts when you take advantage of our quality services. For example if you need our ivy removal or water damage repair services, just add them to your order and get great value for money.

    When you choose to hire our gutter services you’ll also benefit from all of the following:

    • Specialised gutter replacement
    • A qualified and certificated workforce
    • Fully insured technicians
    • Environmentally friendly
    • 24 hour customer care
    • Flexible appointments: weekdays, evenings and weekends
    • Affordable prices
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  • Cast Iron Guttering Systems :

    Authentic sand castings combine traditional manufacture with modern quality control and standards to create a high quality range of traditional cast iron gutters. Apex Heritage cast iron gutters have simple socket or spigot, wet sealed and bolted joints and are available factory primed or pre-painted.

    • Specialised gutter replacement
    • A qualified and certificated workforce
    • Fully insured technicians
    • Environmentally friendly
    • 24 hour customer care
    • Flexible appointments: weekdays, evenings and weekends
    • Affordable prices


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  • Cast iron effect guttering…

    Hassle-Free Fitting
    Installation is quick and simple, and won’t require the use of metal primer, spanners, paint or disc cutters.
    Flexible System
    Made from lightweight, robust materials, this 112mm system is flexible and compatible with existing rainwater systems.
    Long-Term Customer Satisfaction
    Corrosion resistant and UV stabilised to protect against colour fade, and a 10-year guarantee.
    It’s Your Choice
    Wide-ranging choice of styles and sizes to meet all your customers’ needs. Ogee style guttering available to order.

    Authentic Looks
    Cast-iron effect guttering from Eurocell gives you a heritage style that is ideal for renovation projects, or to complement traditionally designed buildings or housing in conservation areas. The textured finish and architectural detail of this PVC-U system means you can achieve your vision more quickly and cost-effectively without compromising on quality or safety.


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    Caststyle Guttering1

    Twinplas gutter profile is a rainwater system which has been designed to replace old-fashioned timber troughing or for new applications requiring a more traditional appearance.





  • Affordable pre-painted seamless aluminium guttering systems :
    Profix are specialists in the installation of affordable pre-painted seamless aluminium guttering systems. With over 3,000 miles fitted to date this is the undisputed solution for replacement guttering. Contact us for a free no obligation quotation.

    Most guttering today is plastic and its great, relatively cheap and effective but it can carry some problems. If it is not put up professionally it can leak, the joints can “creep” open and leak and the colour is likely to fade in the sunlight.
    An alternative to plastic is seamless aluminium which has no such problems. Sheet aluminium is roll formed on site from a machine sited in the back of the installers van. The machine turns out gutter in an attractive ‘Ogee’ shape and the rolls of aluminium come in various colours. The ‘Ogee’ profile means that not only can this type of gutter look attractive on new buildings, it is the shape of guttering used in times gone by and so means that it can be used as a good match on older properties.
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    Seamless Gutters
  • Easy Ridge F Universal Dry Vented Roll Out Ridge System – 6m Pack

    • A high quality 6 metre ventilated ridge roll, with extra butyl for a quality water seal
    • EasyRidge F universal ‘ratchet’ unions means clay and concrete ridge tiles are no problem
    • Super strength nylon ‘ratchet’ clips give superior strength and durability
    • High quality stainless steel fixing packs to ensure long term durability
    • Optimal packaging ensures the product is both well presented and accommodating to any sales environment
    • NHBC compliance.


    Easy Ridge System (1)
    Easy Ridge System (4)
    Easy Ridge System (5)
    Easy Ridge System (7)
    Easy Ridge System
  • Eaves Protection System :

    An eaves protection system is a solid PVC sheet that spans the void between the fascia and top of the rafters.

    Benefits of the Eaves Protection System:
    Installing an eaves protection system prevents the roofing felt sagging behind the fascia board.

    Any moisture or water is then able to flow unobstructed in to the gutter, avoiding water pooling within the roof space which could potentially lead to rot within the roof timbers.

    Supply & Installation:
    Profix can supply and install your new eaves protection system.

    Contact Profix today on 07467062511 and see how we can help with your roofline work.


    Eaves Protection System



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